Slide Racker reversible 60 Deg dovetail. Drilling and counter synching available no charge.

rgp SCOPE Mounts with thumb rest

Adjustable Thumb Rest - Shaped, Drilled, and Tapped for C-More© Red Dot Scopes

rgp R/l hand THumb rest for open guns w scope mount

Thumb Rest for guns that already have scope mounts. Adjustable thumb rest. Left and Right hand Models for 2011 or 1911 Open Guns.

 rgp thumb rest

Adjustable Left Hand for 2011 Limited Guns. Thumb Rests are approved by USPSA this year for competition.

*Parts come polished. By request parts can be anodized or painted for extra chaRge. more info to come on finish pricing.

Email me with part number and style.


rgp SCOPE Mounts

Scope Mounts with Adjustable Thumb Rest. Left and Right Hand models for 2011 or 1911 Open Guns.

Left and right hand adjustable Thumb rests and scope mounts for 2011 & 1911 pistols